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Creative Courses & Workshops in Sculpture

A creative journey,... leading us to the knowledge of ourselves.

To explore the three dimensional world of sculpture, one develops an understanding of the creative ‘forming’ processes at work in nature and the human being. This awakens, a new perception of the natural world. From which a completely holistic experience of the world can arise. Learning new ways to observe and think about ‘form’, opens up an intimate connection between the way we look at things and what we actually discover. Through fundamental sculptural exercises using flexible clay, we perceive ‘form’ to change, which opens up the question of movement, space and form development. Allowing you to participate imaginatively and experience ourselves and life in a uniquely creative and adventures way. Gaining confidence in endless possibilities of personal expression and learning many artistic skills, (modelling, casting, wood or stone carving) offers you an awareness of your creative presence in the world. The courses aim to 'open a window' into the inner world of personal growth, individual perception and unique experience that lives within each of us. Realizing our creative abilities is a powerful tool in shaping our life. The course offers a vital and meaningful approach to life, encouraging self-development by expanding our creative perception, intuition and inspiration. In addition, nourishing a sense of relationship to each other, our environment and ourselves.

The Roundhouse For Community groups, Schools & Organisations
who would like a tailored workshop (1-5 days) at your location.
There is often funding available, through various community grants.
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The Roundhouse
Menter Y Felin Uchaf
Rhoshirwaun, LL53 8HS
See: www.felinuchaf.org
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Or call, Ivan Murray on +44 (0)7789 973850

My intentions are to inspire participants to search within a creative process to witness themselves 'a creator'.

My teaching is based on the artistic impulse of Rudolf Steiner, which is concerned with the spiritual and archetypical foundations of the Human Being and Nature.

Studied at The School of Sculpture, Emerson College, East Sussex.