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Neo Bankside contemplating possibilities kissing on bench kissing arch

I explore universal themes that convey fundamental Human experiences, a figure expressing a certain virtue, or poised in an act of contemplation and also figures in an intimate relationship to one another.

They are figurative works, but are non-representative and therefore, have an abstract quality to their form.

My intention is to evoke an inner experience within the observer; where one is brought into an awareness of his or her own presence, as they find their unique relationship to the artwork.

My sculptures are initially created as small indoor works, but they can also be viewed as a maquette with the potential to be enlarged into a monumental work. If scaled-up the viewer becomes not only an observer, but an active participate as they interact with the work. Sculpture evokes in us, a need to touch it and not just to look at it. And so, I often incorporate a receptive 'touching' place, where one is invited to sit, or is drawn into a direct physical relationship with the artwork.

striving together